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BGC Residential - ERM System Upgrade

BGC Residential were looking at improving there current Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) system to make it more user friendlier and accessible.  The system was required to increase system efficiency to it's maximum and reduce potential human errors.   Guy Park Online Consulting was brought in as a System Business Analysis and User eXperience (UX) consultant to improve and document the current system architecture for BGC Residential's ERM system for internal use by their in-house development.   Using various UX methodologies and knowledge, an updated system was designed to improve efficiency by reducing time, reducing manual input and provide improved auditing. The main outcome and success of the project rested in the user's use of the system and the flawless implementation of the functional and technical specifications. BGC Residential's current fantastic in-house processes and customer care techniques made the project run smoothly.  The employee's and management's williness to participate made this project a dream and helped provide a strong foundation for a successful project.  The fantastic project management of Kevin Brown and Adam Casotti also aided in the success of the project. Example Images: