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Filtering out emails in Outlook 2010

Let's say that you receive emails on another email address, but do not want to have those emails clutter up your normal emails. If you have Outlook 2010 you can automate how your emails are sorted. I have many email addresses for particular purposes, this is so in the future I can forward these email addresses to other people in the company to handle them.  Let's take an example; where I have a my regular email address and one I use for domain information.  For this example we will call my first one and the other email   At the moment, both these addresses will appear in my inbox, but I want to keep my inbox clutter free, so I set up a rule so that any emails sent to are dumped into a domains folder which I then check at the end of the day. This is where these instructions come in handy in setting up rules in Outlook 2010.