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Crafting your online presence

Guy Park Online Consulting handcrafts websites to meet your business objectives. Guy builds a unique, innovative, high-quality online presence custom designed to work for you. Your project receives the dedicated attention of an experienced specialist, not just a place on a commodity production line.

Website success depends on business skills as much as technical skills

We complement our expertise in internet technologies with business skills that make all the difference:

Good planning focuses on success and maximises value

Planning typically takes 40%-50% of our project time. This doesn’t mean your project becomes more expensive.

It means we take time to develop a sound understanding of your business objectives and the purpose of your website. Then we create a development and deployment strategy that focuses on the things that define your success. 

Often, good planning trims down a project. Almost always, planning avoids waste and ensures you receive outstanding value for your expenditure. More about how to maximise the value of your online presence

Find out what a handcrafted online presence can do for your business

Before you settle for an ordinary website, talk to us about the opportunities a handcrafted online presence can bring to your business.

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