GuyPark - Online Consulting

Process for creating a custom website that achieves your objectives

Our proven process guides the planning, design, development, and commissioning of your online presence. Following this process helps us to craft a custom website that works effectively for you ― the first time. We want to get your business running online successfully from the start, achieving the best possible exposure. This is how we do it.

  1. Gather Your Requirements

    We take care to understand your business well before we offer you advice on how best to present it online. We gather and analyse your requirements, identify exactly what you need, and create a detailed strategy to achieve your objectives. At the end of this step, we send you online documents that explain exactly what we will do and why.

  2. Build a Beautiful Design

    We build a prototype design to meet your requirements and present your perfect online image. Our designs aim to engage customers interactively while showcasing your business image beautifully. We want people to keep coming back for more, strengthening brand awareness and raising conversion rates.


  3. Assemble the Content

    Quality content is essential. We work with you closely to deliver your business message in a style that works online. We advise on how much text you need and how to organise it to grab the attention of your audience and make your brand memorable.  


  4. Code your Website

    We use our technical expertise together with quality-based tools and techniques to bring your website to life. We use everything we’ve learned from previous steps to build you a website that meets your objectives and creates a favourable experience for your customers.

  5. Promote your Website to the World

    Our work doesn’t stop once your website goes ‘live’. To make sure your online presence gets noticed, we promote it using methods that best suit your business. For example, we can promote your website using search engine optimisation, social media, and email newsletter campaigns. We can even host a launch party.


  6. Track your Website's Success

    No matter how good your website looks, it must achieve the objectives you set for it. We use a combination of monitoring tools to see exactly how your visitors engage your website. Once we have collected sufficient data, we analyse it and make any adjustments needed to meet your goals.