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Why hire a freelancer?

Experienced freelancers offer many surprising advantages over conventional web companies

Surprising as it seems, you may well receive more helpful, personal attention from an experienced, independent freelance consultant than you’ll get from busy web companies.

Conventional web development companies may not be the best choice if you need a website to solve a specific business objective or create a competitive edge. If your image and brand are critical, a handcrafted online presence is more likely to convey the unique qualities of your business than a website that’s built like a production line commodity.

Of course, each option has some advantages:




We offer you the best of both worlds.

Guy Park has over 10 years experience in large and small web development companies. His skills and experience enable him to match the output of a regular website company, or even exceed it. All without unnecessary red tape. When your project needs additional specialist skills, Guy collaborates with talented specialists from his established network.