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Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy as we value your continued visit to this web site.

This web page outlines how we respect your privacy while surfing this web site.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or alternatively contact us via Guy Park's contact form here.

Submitted Data

When you submit data to this web site, it's for us and only us to know.

Any information you submit on this web site will...

  1. not be sold or distributed to any third parties
  2. kept with Guy Park for future solicited purposes.

Visitor Data Collection

We collect web site statistical information so we know what you want to improve this web site for you.

During any time on this website you may be anonymously tracked for research and/or marketing purposes.  

All information collected is...

  1. anonymous and will not contain any personal information about you. 
  2. is not sold to third parties.

We utilise the third party 'Google Analytics' for general web site traffic for statistical purposes.