GuyPark - Online Consulting

Terms & Conditions of Contracts

The following terms & conditions are for all contractual work based on a 'time and materials' basis.  Guy Park reserves the right to update these contractual terms & conditions at any time, in which clients currently utilising the services will be notified of the changes.


  1. Guy Park Online Consulting can provide their own equipment (including laptop).
  2. We respect your privacy and any confidential information will remain between you the client, Guy Park and any other 3rd parties working on the project at the time that have express permission from you the client to have access to this confidential information. 
  3. Where needed, access to internal systems may be required to carry out work.

Cost of Services

  1. All timed services are billed on 15 minute block segments
  2. All service invoices must be paid with in 14 days of invoice. 
  3. Failure to pay for services with in the above time will result in the denial of continued services until the invoice has been paid in full. 

Termination of Services

  1. The client reserves the right to terminate the use of services provided by Guy Park Online consulting at any time.

  2. Guy Park Online Consulting reserves the right to terminate the provision of services at any time.

  3. In the rare event of a termination; time will be billed up to the time of completion of termination.